Doo Dee Doo Bleep Doo - WTF????

Been working hard (well, slowly actually and among many other things) on building a new web site for the band. Also been focusing a little more lately on doing some studio compositions, as opposed to building never ending jams for the live LunaCast shows.

This is a new one that I am pretty jazzed about, I hope it has the same impact on you as it does on me!

Six Ways to get LunaCast...

1. Buy the CD, album or download!
It is new, it is like nothing you have ever heard. Machine Serve Human and the companion 12" vinyl EP, Human Serve Machine.

2. Play the SOTM (Single of the Moon)
SOTM is a groovy and concise track pulled from a recent live recording.

3. Watch the VOTM (Video of the Moon)
Whenever I have the time I try to put together a little video using the recording of the video stream from the show. Usually I use an SOTM as the sound track, but you know, I make the rules I get to break 'em!

4. Tune in to LunaCast Radio - 24/7 robots.txt!
Click on the button below to tune in to a continuous audio stream of our collected archives. This is a randomly generated playlist, feeling lucky?
LunaCast Radio

5. Subscribe to the PodCast
It's fun and easy. Download some select shows, or the whole archive. As an extra bonus for you "pod people" the Archive recording is usually released here first over the week or two preceding the official announcement.

6. Come to a show!
Of course, all of this is just a "gateway drug" to joining us in Second Life for a live show. Sign up here or on our SL group so we can let you know when we are playing and come dance with us under a synthetic moon. To find the SL group, search for "LunaCast MoonBase" in Groups. Anyone can join.