In the studio, about to get a stream up...

We're heeeere!!!

LunaCast tonight, Friday October 18th

This is for you, the one person who still uses our RSS feed to keep up with the news...

There might be just one person that ONLY keeps up with us via newsfeed...this is for you!

I am so psyched that my man Wyatt Agard asked us to play The Inferno this weekend! If you are in the general vicinity of Madison please come on out and support your favorite virtual band. We really don't play out very often, so this is a rare opportunity.

Going upstairs make some tea and get a cookie...then WATCH OUT!

We'll be on in about a half hour folks!

Done and done!

I am outta here...just playing a little more Floyd for the outro...

Thanks for coming to the show!

Had a little issue, but back on now!

Had some issues with the system here in the studio. Back on as of about 8:45 PM...

Just posted promo for the October Show...

The annual mixed reality Halloween Edition of LunaCast is Monday October 29th at 8:00 PM CDT (GMT-5)

Pop up LunaCast Set!

Well, really just testing the new system.

Drop a comment here if you are online and not in Second Life to let me know you were here.

Everything look and sound OK?


We are on!

In the new studio and jammin' with Biff! Drop a comment to say hi.

Done with one last practice / tech rehearsal - READY TO ROCK THE ETHER


Hah. This is gonna be a good one.

I got confirmation earlier today that Biff is on deck for the show! That'll be a HOOT.

I usually try not to practice the night before a show, but I needed one more session to get through the set. It's been busy here in meatspace.

See yaz tomorrow!

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