Q: What is LunaCast?

A: LunaCast is a live electronic music show that we broadcast over the net in various forms. You can tune in to an audio stream of the event, watch a video webcam transmitted from our studio with synced audio, or join us in the virtual reality world of Second Life where you can watch the video on a virtual jumbotron and dance and chat with fellow Lunatics in the 3D Moonbase.

Audio and Video

Q: The video stream is choppy or starts and stops. Why?

A: We have just upgraded the video stream to be pretty damn fat. You need about 5 Mbps of bandwidth to watch the stream. Try a speed test and if you don't get more that that, you'll have to just listen to the show. Sorry!

Q: I am on Windows or LINUX, I don't want to install Quicktime. How can I tune in?

A: There is a great open source media player that works fine with our audio and video streams. Take a look at VLC Media Player and give it a try! Thanks to Al Jewer for turning me on to this awesome app.

Audio and Video in Second Life

Q: What is Second Life?

A: As far as I know, Second Life is the only general purpose virtual reality world that is free to access. Although the video stream and audio broadcast are cool enough, it is the human communication and real time togetherness of Second Life that makes this a real live music event. The Second Life viewer is pretty small to download and setting up an account is easy. If you make it to the MoonBase on your first day as a user, my helpful fans will be very nice and you'll have your sea legs in minutes. So, what are you waiting for? Set up an account!

Q: I am on a Windows computer and I can't get the video to work in Second Life.

A: I am pretty sure that you have to have Quicktime installed on your computer to have video streaming in world. It is a really really cool feature of Second Life, so I suggest that unless you have a known problem with Quiktime, you just install it. It's free and should be generally harmless.

Q: For whatever other reason I can't get the video to work in Second Life and there is no audio stream. I can't hear nothing, what's with that?

A: If you can't get the video to work in Second Life, you will have to use another program such as iTunes or VLC to stream the audio instead of listening through the SL viewer. During the shows I used to connect the MoonBase to a video stream AND our live audio stream. however, due to changes with SL Viewer 2 it is complicated for a novice Second Life user to enable video and not audio while attending the show. The reason this is a problem is that the audio stream and the audio on the video stream are NOT in sync, and by default when you come to the property the music would sound like shit.