There might be just one person that ONLY keeps up with us via newsfeed...this is for you!

I am so psyched that my man Wyatt Agard asked us to play The Inferno this weekend! If you are in the general vicinity of Madison please come on out and support your favorite virtual band. We really don't play out very often, so this is a rare opportunity.

Wyatt's regular "Micro" event at the Inferno has the motto "a celebration of negative space", so you know we are on the same page! The video that you usually only get to enjoy as a tiny web stream will dazzle the wall from a high definition projector, and of course (cough...MC Audio...cough) the sound system at Inferno rocks. Ummmm, so I guess that's why I will be there!

This is gonna be a really cool and diverse night, the opening act is a jazz trio, and Wyatt Agard (who usually performs as a DJ) is gonna do a live set of his original tracks. And of course, yours truly and my sentient synthesizer will do what we do...

And, no, this is NOT an official "LunaCast", the moon ain't gonna be full, and I am not even going to stream the show live. We play out so seldomly, I feel I should give my full attention to those physically present beings that take the trouble to leave their nests! I am however, going to try to record the show as usual so if all goes well, I will post an archive and put it on the podcast and all that. I apologize to those of you who are proximity challenged, you know I'd fly you all here and put you up in a fancy hotel if I could!

Hope you see you out in meatspace this Saturday!

Jason (Tinisi Lightworker)

Saturday January 12th at 9:00 PM CST (GMT-6)
(I'll probably be on around 10:00 or 10:30 PM)

Inferno Nightclub - Miky Way > Earth > USA > Wisconsin > Madison
(As of today their calendar is wrong, just including the link in case someone needs a real address!)

See the Facebook Event for more details: